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It was a virtual chat room running on Aapo's Fuse technology. It launched in August 2000 on the ISP's web portal.After having been contracted to design a virtual game and chat called Lumisota (Snow Wars) for a Finnish internet service provider, they were contracted for another project. Aapo, Sampo and Dee Edwards, an entrepreneur from the UK, wanted to create an international business based on the virtual hotel concept, drafting a plan in Autumn 2000, and raised finance.Close on 45 per cent of assaults against men and good one-fifth of those against women took place in a public place. Assault offences by scene and victim’s sex in 2016 (Total 33,769 offences) Victims of violent offences recorded in 2016 numbered 37,600, which was 0.3 per cent more than in 2015.Of the victims, 21,400 (57.0 per cent) were men and 16,200 (43.0 per cent) women.The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include nine online communities (or "hotels"), with users in over 150 countries.As of August 2012, over 273 million avatars have been registered with an average 5 million unique visitors monthly.

The website is owned and operated by Sulake, a Finnish corporation.

In all, 661,000 persons were suspected of the 635,100 offences solved in 2016, which is 2,700 (0.4 per cent) more than one year before.

Victims of violent offences recorded numbered 37,600 persons.

By the end of January 2001, Habbo Hotel had been launched in beta mode.

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The new hotel exited beta a few weeks afterwards, aimed at the teenage market, with marketing and payment partners in place, run from a HQ in London.Nearly 40 per cent of assault offences were committed in private dwellings.

Civil battery consists of an intentional, unpermitted contact upon the person of another which is either unlawful, harmful or offensive.… continue reading »

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