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By now, most of you reading this article know the gist of the story: Back in January of this year, an attention seeking communist sympathizer named @Deo Tas Devil made violent threats (Which were investigated by the authorities and deemed credible) on twitter about punching “Nazis” that was then countered by one “@Oliviameles” who responded with an ambiguous comment along the lines of watching someone shoot Deo in self-defense if they were to be punched.

Subsequently, Deo was rightfully banned from attending RMFC by one of its staff members for having made this threat to punch ‘Nazi’s’ along with reasoning that claimed that the threat qualified as an “Incite to riot”.

HOTTEST GUY: Hey look, its bath salts Axl Rose Approach/Chat Up Line: “Welcome to the jungle.” Conversation Skills/Rapport: Spoke mainly in “meows,” and, based on the quality of the meow, I was supposed to deduce the intention behind said meow and converse thusly. Closing Skills: I used to love him but I had to kill him. Closing Skills: If he can’t commit to a fetish, how can he commit to me?

GUY MY MOM WOULD WANT ME TO DATE: Appears to have his own home, wave seems to indicate a genial disposition... 'Cuz I find you really special." Conversational Skills/Rapport: Totally went on a date. Approach/Chat Up Line: "I can think of 101 things I want to do to you." Conversation Skills/Rapport: What kinda half-assed, phoning it in bullshit is this? HELL TO THE NO GUY: Farmers tan, asymmetrical nipples, cowboy hat.. His Approach/ Chat Up Line: "Panic" referred to himself in the third person, which obviously gave me raging wood.

Typical misconceptions often reduce the fandom to little more than a fetish or "sex thing", infusing sex with elements of the fandom that are not inherently sexual.

For example, about 15-20% of furries wear elaborate costumes called "fursuits" in much the same way anime fans cosplay as their favorite characters.

So I went to Starfest a few years ago, and they had a speed dating event thing. It's not about hook-ups, it's about socialization and trying to find someone you think you might enjoy becoming friends (or even dating! Anime North had one last year, too, and had a video about it/ https://

Each week, Popdust's intrepid reporter, Suzy Mc Coppin, goes deep undercover in order to guide you through the potentially murky waters of cyber lovin'. However, I discovered shortly after perusing the site, that I had not been a furry at all. Party Time More fascinating still, during my week on , I uncovered a bitter rivalry between the warring fragments that are the plushies and the furries.

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Recent events which have unfolded within the furry fandom have generated renewed media interest in our community smacking of sensationalist headlines from news outlets such as The Daily Beast claiming “Neo-Nazi’s are tearing the furry world apart” and The uk with its cringe inducing headline: “The furred Reich: Furry annual convention cancelled amid community’s bitter divisions over rise of alleged neo-Nazi ‘Mr Foxler’ and the ‘Altfur’ movement”.Can you really swipe, click, match, wink your way to true love? Plushies, you see, like to have sex with stuffed animals—while furries like to embody the animal themselves, then have sex with other like-minded weirdoes dressed in the animal of their choice. HOT TO NOT RATIO: Just...don't even BEST PICK UP LINE: "Is that your tail between your legs or are you just happy to see me? Because I engaged in some kinky pre-pubescent sex play with the life sized stuffed polar bear I won at Bush Gardens, I figured I would take to Furrymate like a beaver to a water-based eco-system.He presented original research on the furry fandom community, specifically who they are, what they believe, and what draws them to join this unique subculture. Star Trek fans are fans of Star Trek, sports fans are fans of sports.

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​Q: Let's start out by assuming that the audience knows nothing about furries. Furries are fans of media that feature walking, talking animal characters ("anthropomorphic" animals).

Even picked up on the fur-flying drama with its own hot take: “Does the furry community have a Nazi problem?

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