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In fact, it’s our prime biological imperative, and over millions of years our bodies have developed sophisticated mechanisms to make sure we make the proper selection. When we meet a prospective partner, our eyes scan his or her face, but it doesn’t stop there. We humans use a combination of senses, and our brain, to judge demeanor.

Natalie Portman and folk rock singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart were seen in each other’s arms walking through NYC’s West Village on Tuesday afternoon.

Is love in the air for Natalie and Devendra (both 26)?

It's funny that Young God founder Michael Gira should make a point in the press release for Niño Rojo that his role in Devendra Banhart's career was merely to release his music, that everything else took care of itself.

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March 2008 - September 2008Natalie dated Devendra after she starred in his music video "Carmensita," and they two were spotted kissing in the streets of New York.

Sources confirmed they had split later in the year.