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"Dating From the Inside Out is a rare combination of sophisticated psychology, humanistic spirituality, and practical instruction for those seeking fulfillment in partnership. Faith Bethelard, coauthor of Cherishment: A Psychology of the Heart"In a world immersed in, J-Date, and a host of other attempts at liaisons, Dr. This book had much detail and had things other dating books didn't have. Her book was easy to understand and spot on with how I've been feeling. It is a light read--deceptively so, since it makes some profound, valuable and helpful points.

It is equally a welcome refresher course for those looking to reinvigorate their relationships by creating new communication patterns that support loving and healthful interactions." -- Dr. Now I know exactly what I'm looking for and I'm not scared to try again.

Paulette Sherman brings us a book which addresses intimacy and passion, as well as self-knowledge. Very insightful and good to understand how you are dating. I recommend this book to anyone that is in the dating world. Some examples: Many dating books tell you how to act or dress or what to do to get the guy or gal--in essence, to be something different from who you are. Sherman points out that if you want someone who really wants to be with you, you're better off truly being yourself, rather than try to act like someone else!

It's a wonderful resource for therapists who continue to meet clients with a genuine desire for relationships with a future. Her words are those of a mature writer; her spirit of enthusiasm and hope not just enlighten, but envision a better future for the reader. Often times we look at dates as a win/lose or sucess/failure activity.

Bob thinks long-term, and so he appreciates that git-annex uses a simple repository format.

He knows his files will be accessible in the future even if the world has forgotten about git-annex and git.

When Bob needs access to some files, git-annex can tell him which drive(s) they're on, and easily make them available.

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She asks: “So what do you say, dear Annex I negotiators? This writer and her fine book have my enthusiastic endorsement." -- Bruce Lackie, Ph. She suggests instead approaching each date as something to learn from, something to grow from. Then dating can be a series of sucesses, rather than a string of failures until we finally get to the "right" person.D., director of The Black Rock Center for Psychotrauma"Dr. She also suggests learning to truly appreciate yourself.With git-annex, Bob has a single directory tree that includes all his files, even if their content is being stored offline.

He can reorganize his files using that tree, committing new versions to git, without worry about accidentally deleting anything.She has translated important concepts from her experience as a therapist and as a dating coach into everyday language that is easy to understand." -- Dr. The book inspired me to take a chance and I went out on a series of dates with someone I might not have otherwise.