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26-Dec-2016 11:09

That represents approximately billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.

It's no wonder that some companies are considering requiring that employees get a flu vaccine every flu season.

According to several media reports, IU Health Goshen Hospital had instituted a policy requiring employees to get flu shots.

The CDC's stance on flu vaccinations is quite clear: "All persons aged 6 months and older are recommended for annual vaccination, with rare exception."For some people, however, receiving an annual flu shot is not merely a recommendation, but a requirement in order to keep one's job.

A few years ago, many hospitals made flu vaccinations mandatory for all employees.

Personal belief exemptions were used (and frequently abused) by parents in California to exempt their children from vaccinations using religious beliefs (hardly any mainstream religion is opposed to vaccinations) or the “I don’t like vaccines” belief statement.

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So many California children were not fully vaccinated, especially when they were clustered in certain areas of the state, lead to several outbreaks of measles, whooping cough and other infectious diseases.The nasal spray flu vaccine (live attenuated influenza vaccine or LAIV) should not be used during 2016-2017.